Thursday, January 24, 2019

Improving Lives With Every Mile

Yesterday Ed and I went to the Easterseals Blake Foundation board meeting so Ed could be presented with an award for his donation to Easterseals in conjunction with his participation in the El Tour de Tucson cycling event.

There were two people at the meeting who also received awards (Easterseals board members and staff) and a few people who opted to have their awards sent to them.  The meeting was relatively informal, but they did have his name on the screen and the board members applauded his donation and participation in the event.  

In addition to the award, he also got a new cycling jersey.  It was nice to be recognized for both the donation and the participation in the event.  The sculpture is really quite nice - heavy bronzed material on a dark wood base.  I was surprised at the heft and size of it.

I'd say it was worth the 52 miles he rode to get it.

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