Saturday, January 12, 2019

Safety Check

When we're loaded, we're required to check the securement of the load every 150 miles.  Well, the rules are to check at the time of loading, check within the first 50 miles, check at any change of duty status, and check every 150 miles or 3 hours, whichever comes first.  We've got lots of rules to follow, these are just some of the ones pertaining to cargo securement.

We usually stop at a rest area or truck stop to do our checks.  It's also an opportunity to get out to get some air and stretch our legs (not always the most pleasant in inclement weather, though).  When we get out, we do a general walk-around.  We're looking at the securement devices, checking the load to make sure it hasn't shifted and just giving everything a basic once-over.  We make sure our lights are working, all the boxes are secure, placards (if being used) are in place, nothing is broken or damaged.  

Anyone carrying hazardous materials, also has to do a tire check - you wouldn't want someone hauling gasoline or corrosive materials driving around on bald or damaged tires, would you?  It's one of the many tasks one is responsible for while operating a commercial motor vehicle.  It's a great way to maintain a safe operation on the road.  

And that's something everyone should be happy about, isn't it?

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