Wednesday, August 11, 2021

The East Side Of The Thumb

While visiting friends in Port Huron, Michigan last weekend, they took us on a tour of their cute little town and one of the stops we made was Fort Gratiot Light, the first (and therefore, oldest) lighthouse in the state of Michigan.

Constructed in 1829, the lighthouse marks the entrance to the St. Clair River from Lake Huron, in the southern portion of Michigan's Thumb. If you are from Michigan or know anything about Michigan, you will know that most people hold up their hand and point to a spot on it, indicating where they are from. Michigan is shaped like a mitten, in case you're wondering why they do that.

The lighthouse is still active and is on the grounds of an active Coast Guard facility, although it's recently been handed over to the Port Huron Museum. It's a beautiful park and the building that was once used as barracks are available for rental. You can stay overnight or even host an event - we were imagining a wedding in the park with the river and lighthouse as spots for some great photos marking the occasion.

I look forward to visiting Michigan again.  I love all the lush greenery - gorgeous trees of many varieties, giant moved lawns, colorful flowers in bloom - and that numerous lakes that aren't far from any point in the state.  I could definitely see myself living there.  It's right across the river from Canada via the Blue Water Bridge, they have four distinct seasons, and they get lots of snow!  

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