Wednesday, September 08, 2021

Crème De La Crème

Earlier this year we got a phone call from Landstar Corporate offices asking to speak to Ed.  It sounded serious so we both sat there waiting to hear alarming news.  It turned out to not be alarming at all, but it was unexpected. After they told us why they were calling, they asked us to keep the news to ourselves until the company made their formal announcement.  They have now released the information so we are able to share it with anyone who's interested in listening - worldwide, as it turns out since this blog reaches as far as the internet will take it.

They were calling to let Ed know that he had been chosen to receive Landstar's most prestigious safety award:

The Landstar Roadstar

He is one of 14 receiving the award this year, and one of only 150 in the company, which leases over 10,000 drivers.

In order to be eligible for the Roadstar award, drivers have to meet certain criteria.  First, you need to have logged, at minimum, one million safe driving miles.  The means you've had to have driven one million consecutive miles without hitting anything.  It's harder than you think, considering the motoring public these days.  Ed has actually driven about 2.5 million miles in his career, 1.4 of them with Landstar.

Second, drivers must have a high level of productivity and the ability to provide top-notch customer service. Ed has done both.

With that in the bag, there's one more thing that puts you on track to receive a Roadstar award....

A nomination.

Someone has to nominate you.  They have to tell Landstar that you are a good fit for their highest award.  We don't know who submitted Ed's name, but someone out there believes he deserves this honor.    

In addition to being a recipient of this award and being "crowned" in the company of your peers at a lavish awards banquet that takes place at a three-day company paid-for event at a resort somewhere in the southeast (it's a different place every year), the Roadstar also gets the navy blue blazer Ed is wearing in the photo (that most drivers wear at the yearly banquets to show off their status as Roadstars), a Roadstar belt buckle, a Roadstar logo for your truck (the one you see is temporary, we are having a more professional vinyl one made), and to top it all off, the best perk of all, are the complimentary license plates they pay for every year for the rest of the time the driver is leased on with the company. 

That's a $1,700.00 bonus each and every year! 

Apparently, that's a big deal for drivers.  Kinda reminds me of the time I won two steer tires at a raffle (valued at approximately $800 each) and the room went crazy with oohs and ahhs.  I was thinking, what the hell am I going to do with two steer tires??  But boy, the real truckers in the room thought I hit the lottery.  

I am very proud of my husband for being the recipient of this award.  It was a goal of his to reach this status at Landstar, and he did it!  He is also feeling very proud and accomplished.  At 46 years old, with 25 years in this business, he's exceeded so many of his career goals and he just keeps going.  He's not just a Roadstar, he's a regular star!!

Keep going, baby!  I'm thrilled to be married to the cream of the crop!


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