Monday, December 05, 2005

Five Already???

Yesterday was my favorite little girl's birthday. Mina turned all of five years old. I'm sorry I had to miss it as I would have loved to have gone on the "big girl shopping trip" with her and Miss Lynn, The Consummate Diva.

I'm currently 1,700 miles away, but happy to know that she's in good hands while I'm gone. Miss Lynn is the epitome of a Southern woman, so I know in my absence Mina will get reinforcement on the do's and don'ts of fashion, proper lipgloss application and what goes best with her low-slung, flare leg jeans.

Happy Birthday, Miss Mina Bean! See you soon. XOXO


MamaKBear said...

Happy Birthday Mina! Hope she had a wonderful day!

My niece also had a birthday...hers was on the 3rd and she turned 4 years old. Growing so fast! Seems like yesterday she was a little baby I held in my arms.

MY birthday is today! (Dec. 5th) Gettin' old...sheesh! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh it was a lovely weekend. We had a friend's afternoon (just like you and I might have on one of our birthdays) on Saturday...complete with lunch at O'Charley's which of course included the clapping people coming at us with a cake. SHE LOVED IT!

Then, of all things, Santa Claus left presents in the truck while we were inside. He knows just what to get...glitter for Mina and Batman candy for Michael.

Afterwards, we were off to the shopping part of our day. God help me, I bought her a Bratz shirt with of course, pink glitter on it, a velvet skirt (which will go with anything), Christmas earrings (so she doesn't have to wear dirty ones this year) and a pony tail holder with pink braids and hearts in it. She's quite the fashionista!

Next year, plan to be here. You missed a wonderful weekend!

Miss Lynn