Monday, December 12, 2005


Once the winter season comes, Ed lets his hair and beard go and usually doesn't shave until Spring. Last Christmas, he was such a mountain man that when he wore a hooded sweatshirt, he closely resembled the Unabomber. Wild hair, wild beard and glasses. For some reason, I kept seeing those old wanted posters flashing through my mind and I think once or twice I might have even referred to him as Ted Kaczynski.

This year while visiting with his family on Thanksgiving, and his hair being the perfect length, I recruited his mother and sisters to help persuade him to let me braid it. He objected, squirmed and tried to bolt from the chair but I promised him I'd take it right out after it was done. (Yeah, right. That thing wasn't coming out till I got a picture of it!)
I braided the top and also added one braid on each side of his head, over his ears. Nice, neat, thick french braids. His hair is naturally curly and didn't need anything but a little twist at the end to keep it in place.

Once it was done, I marveled at how HOT he looked! I swear, he resembled a Trojan Warrior. His hair is thick and manly and although he was protesting, I envisioned him in a leather loincloth and body armor with one of those upside down
brooms on his head.

I tried to explain to him that even Brad Pitt, Eric Bana and Orlando Bloom wore braids of some sort in the movie Troy. I seriously don't think that eased his feelings of looking ridiculous.

But, what I'm thinking is...

If someone likens you to Brad Pitt, you should just shut the hell up and revel in it.


lime said...

lol, he was quite a good sport!

Anonymous said...

That is so funny. I think he has better hair than you.

alwswrite said...

No kidding; Boys are a little foolish that way, aren't they? I always say my ex is a poor-man's Peter Gallaghter. He flinches. Just take the compliment, dude!