Friday, March 21, 2008

Eddie Calculates Everything Friday

In honor of Eddie Friday, I bring you another Original Palm Sketch by Salena.

I drew this one because Ed has the calculator in the palm of his hand so often, figuring everything from business expenses to what RV or boat payments would be, that I have taken to calling him "Calcutron".

He's kinda like those Transformer action figures, the ones that change from a warrior into a spaceship, sports car or motorcycle, except my Eddie changes from a regular truck drivin' kind of guy into this Super Nerd on crack. If he had his way, he'd probably have the calculator surgically implanted in the palm of his hand, hidden from the view of mere mortals, to use whenever the mood strikes.

He's really a kind of accounting superhero, if you will, the kind of Super Nerd that never gets the props they deserve. Hence, the homage to him and his hand.

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