Monday, March 17, 2008

I Suppose There Should Be Some Sort Of Award For This

My step-father is my oldest nephews biggest fan. This weekend, they attended a birthday party of a family friend.

While sitting at the bouncing castle facility, my step-father was eyeing up all the kids, measuring their sheer physical prowess and looks against my nephew. He voiced numerous comments to my mother about how my nephew was the best looking kid there. (Do you hear any bias here??)

"Look at that one over there; his ears are huge." My mother had to shush him several times, since he thought he was whispering but since he's deaf, he clearly was not.

"And that one there. His red hair makes him look like Bozo." Again, my mother had to ask him to lower his voice.

"Well, I don't care what you say, my grandson is the fucking best looking of them all." My step-father, a Bronx native, has such an eloquent command of the language.

"Yes," my mother said, "He is quite a nice looking young boy."

"Nice looking??" my step-father said. "He's the fucking George Clooney of the whole God damned group!"

Ah yes, the George Clooney of the nine year olds. What an honor.

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david hayes said...

I've heard of grandparents' pride, but I've never heard it offered with profanity. Your stepfather may be a trend-setter.