Tuesday, December 02, 2008

He Must Have Learned It From TV

I've decided I have an extremely low tolerance for television. My biggest pet peeve is turning it on the moment you enter the room. After being at my parent's house for Thanksgiving, I realized that their television is ALWAYS on. ALWAYS. Well, except when they sleep, of course. I also realized that I just can't stand the sound of it. Even if I were to go in the other room, and their house isn't all that small, I just can't get away from it.

We used to have a television in our truck but we took it out. We never ever watched it. And I liked it that way. Sure, in the beginning it was hard not being able to get a signal to watch the shows I wanted to see, but that all faded. I realized I could live without it. The only thing I really love to watch is Grey's Anatomy and I can get that online and watch it at my leisure.

The only other time I can't get away from the television is in a hotel room. The first thing Ed does when he walks in, is turn it on. Sometimes he'll go in and get the room while I stay in the truck and get our overnight bag ready. This is essential, especially in the summertime when he turns the A/C on before I get to the room so the room is always on its way to a beautiful icy 65 before I get there. The other thing he does is turn on the television. That I can do without. I turn it off immediately upon my entry and try to distract him from watching it by offering other things for him to do; reading, computer, a good Scrabble game....sometimes my tactics work, other times, I sit there miserably being forced to watch things like the Sci-Fi channel, the X-Men movie or whatever other crap that happens to be on, usually stuff that numbs my mind by just the sheer sound of it.

I'm not above watching television. I just like to watch what I like to watch. Duh. I will most likely never get Ed to sit through hours of my choices, but I try. He will watch the Food Network to a certain extent and I can sometimes get him to watch What Not To Wear, but I have to be tricky.

Being tricky takes too much planning and effort, so I'll just instruct him to be vigilant about the mute button and lower the volume at times when they movie is showing a chase scene, a blow up scene, a drill sargeant screaming orders scene, or any other loud noises that may upset my manufactured hotel room serenity. If you met me, you'd never think I'd need these times of silence since I talk loud and a lot, but even I need a break from my own voice.

I don't know how Ed does it all day long. He must be some sort of saint. Or, oh my God....perish the though...he's ignoring me! Is that a special mutant power he learned from watching X-Men on TV??


Anonymous said...

Funny! Shane's the same way. He zones out sometimes while watching something. I know he's not paying attention to anything I said. So I make it seem like it was important and make him try and think real hard on what it was.

I couldn't live without tv. Well, maybe for a while now that I've started blogging. lol.

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

P is definitely one of those who turns on the TV immediately. Grr. But I do enjoy the TV as background noise when I'm working, and I also enjoy watching certain things, but like you *my* things. Even if it's just background noise, I prefer it to be my things. And it's safe to say that my things and P's things are very rarely the same things.

Anonymous said...

Sounds exactly like my house. I cannot stand the TV to be on - don't like the noise. If someone is watching it, I don't care, but half the time they turn it on and then leave the room. Or Jeff will have it on in the bedroom for "background noise" when he's on the computer (with his back to the TV). Drives me insane. I turn it off and he says, "Hey, I was watching that!"

Yeah, with the eyes in the back of your head?

Hope you and Eddie are doing well and enjoying your Holiday crunch time with helping out our little brown elves! (UPS)

Anonymous said...

Gee,I wonder if it's in the genes. Ed's dad used to come in from outside, turn the tv on and go back out!
Ed's mom