Wednesday, December 03, 2008

It's Crazy That I'm Crazy For Keanu

While getting my nails done this week, the salon TV was playing the movie "The Lake House". I got sucked in.

I happen to like this movie (I'm all about the cheesy romance movie) but every time I see Keanu Reeves' face on the screen, my first thought is Oh God, Keanu. He's such a bad actor. But then I sit through each and every moment of the movie and at the end, wind up sighing and in a breathy voice saying, I love Keanu.

Here are my Keanu favorites:

1. The Lake House
2. A Walk In The Clouds
3. The Replacements
4. Something's Gotta Give
5. Sweet November
6. Point Break


Anonymous said...

I SO LOVE Keanu!

I just saw something the other day about him and they showed some old photos of him in his starting out days. Holy shit that guy was/is hot!

Parenthood...ever see that one?

p.s. So you hate tv, but NOT when Keanu is on, right? lol

Dreamybee said...

LOL-I was just saying to my husband the other day, "How in the world does Keanu Reeves keep getting offered acting jobs???" There is something likeable about him though, bad acting and all!

The Daily Rant said... I don't TOTALLY hate TV - just the sound of it when it's not something *I* want to watch!! lol

Angela said...

You know I love Keanu also. There's just something about him that makes the fact that he's a rotten actor just fade away into nothingness.

My favorite flick of his is the Replacements... I especially love when he's on the field, waiting for the ball to be "hiked" and he licks his fingers... drives me nuts cause they do it in slow motion even! YIKES!

I'm also a huge fan of "Bill and Ted's" movies... haha

Blynn25 said...

A Walk in the Clouds is one of my most fav movies ever! You picked some good ones!

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

I'm so with you here. He's such a bad actor and works ;)