Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mr. & Mrs. Javelina And The Carb Encounter

My mother was walking through her house when her outside motion detector light went on. When she looked out, she saw a Javelina.

In the telling of the story to me, she explained how first there was just one, then two, then all of a sudden, seven. She and my stepfather threw out some bread for them to eat because they were "concerned" they didn't have enough to eat. Since when are desert animals carb junkies?

Anyway, she went on to tell me, "They were really big ones. At first I saw a medium baby, a big guy and his wife."

"His wife??" I said. "Javelina get married?"

"Well, you know what I mean - the mother, father and the baby. It must have been his wife, because they were with each other. And of course, they had a baby."

Oh riiight. The baby. And I'm sure Javelina don't have babies out of wedlock.

"OK, Mom...what I'm saying is that you called it "his wife" as if they get married."

"Well," she said in an exasperated tone, "you know what I mean. They were together."

So here's a picture of the medium baby, the big one and his wife; along with the rest of his extended family. Or maybe they're just his friends, following him around the neighborhood looking for carbs.


Gil said...

You can make a lot of sausage, salami and other Italian delicacies with all of that pork!

Shonda Little said...

Are these wild boars? If so, you need to tell her how dangerous they can be. We have a pack of them on one of our ranches and my husband always take a gun with him if he has to build fence.

Geggie said...

They're so ugly, they're cute.

Once we heard a noise on my parents front porch and when I went out to check, it was about 30 (THIRTY!) javelinas in their yard eating the fruit off of their cacti. There were babies (and husbands and wives!)

Angela said...

Ok that's one critter I'd never heard of or ever seen before. Pretty neat looking little things. .... and your mother sounds like a riot!

Slub said...

haha! this is hilarious. Great blog!

DOn said...

You are CAUSING major problems by feeding javelinas. Many attacks happen because people feed them and they loose their fear of humans. This is a BAD NOT feed them!

The Daily Rant said...


You are SOOO right. But try telling that to an 88 year old man!