Saturday, December 27, 2008

We Don't Eat Gefilte Fish But We Do Like The Multi-Cultural Birthdays

This week we celebrated my nephew's birthday. My mother was in the grocery store picking up a few last minute items when she passed by the mylar balloons. The word "Happy" caught her eye, as did the bright blue and silver colors on the balloon. She decided to get it to tie to the back of my nephew's chair when they came over for his birthday dinner.

When she got in the car and began to back out of her parking spot, the balloon floated into her field of vision and she saw what it actually said on it; Happy Chanukah. Here's where I might want to bring a little something to your attention: We're not Jewish.

She sat there for a minute thinking. Who will even notice what the balloon says? and then, well, Salena will definitely notice (that's for sure) and following that, I'm sure she'll probably even blog about it (right again) and finally, the kids will probably make fun of me (she knows my brother and I all too well).

So she went back into the store and told the woman at customer service that she wanted her $2.99 back because she got the wrong balloon. The woman didn't understand what she was talking about because the Chanukah balloon she held in her hand was free, she said, and she shouldn't have been charged anything for it.

"What do you mean free?" my mother said.

"Well, they're free. Chanukah is over, so we're giving them away."

She told my mother to go over to the balloon department and pick any Happy Birthday balloon she wanted since she had already paid for it. My mother did just that and brought both balloons home for the party and tied them both to my nephew's chair.

The birthday dinner went over well, we all had a really nice night. My mom made a w
onderful dinner, a homemade cake (with ten glowing candles!) and the gifts everyone brought went over big with the guest of honor.

I can't wait to see what she has in store for his Bar Mitzvah.


Gil said...

Sounds like your Mom still has a little "New York" in her.

Angela said...

Now THAT's helarious.

Anonymous said...



a Jewish woman who hath never been able to make the fork with gefilte fish ENTER her mouth.

Anonymous said...

OMG that is sooooo funny! lol! Sounds like you've got an awesome family! Happy New Year!!!!!!!! (or Merry Christmas if you go by the previous holiday - lol)