Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Competition Is Getting Fierce

How am I supposed to maintain my cuteness status when we've got THIS level of adorable coming into the trucking industry??

I hope she doesn't mind, but I totally pilfered this photo from her blog. Who is she, you ask? The Plum Trucker, of course!! If you don't know about her yet, click HERE to read how we met.

Today is a big day for Michelle and her fiancé of four years, Kendall. Today is the day they start trucking school. Today is the day they leave behind their old careers and embark on a new one. Today is the day they start planning for their future on the road. Together.

Today is the day!!

They are both very excited and I feel the same way for them. They've got a great support system at home and I will be here for them in any capacity they need. I also know my friends out there who know about this young couple will also support their venture into the wonderful world of trucking. That's one thing I really love about having this blog; the wonderful people I've met, especially the truckers (or truck passengers - hey

Be sure to check The Plum Trucker's blog for her updates from trucking school. I know I'll be looking forward to following their progress. Hope you will too.

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all things bradbury said...

well, we must revert back to carrying a trash bag at all times....and then when we meet up with her on the road, we'll just throw it over her head to hide all that gorgeousness!!!....i'm excited for them and like you, can't wait to hear all the stories from school!

Angela said...

Yay Yay! I'm so happy for them! Yay! I remember how it was for me when I first hit the trucking school yard... thrilling, scary... everything! Yay for Kendall and Michelle!

Unknown said...

With a support team behind them like they do, how could they fail? We too are looking forward to hearing all about their adventures, and to reassure them that whatever obsticles they run up against, odds are, one of us has had the same experience.

Anonymous said...

Yep. I can't wait for their posts. And Selena, you are holding your own. :)

Gil said...

I'm looking forward to read about their adventures! But, I'll still be bugging you and Eddie.

Terry said...

Selena, thanks again for all your support. I know they really appreciate it, I know you personally gave Michelle the courage to go for it.
Kendall's Mom.