Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This Puss Doesn't Have Boots

Well, since I don't have much to write, I will share with you a picture of my mother's cat, Miss Lili Marlène; named after a German tune known as the Soldiers' Song of World War II. My step-father, having served in that war, knows all the words to this song. In German. Go figure.

Other than that needless bit of trivia, not much else is happenin' around the old homestead. Ed and I are currently in Lima, Ohio getting the deer damaged bumper repaired and sitting on our asses watching a lot of TV.

Today I wasted a few hours with an America's Next Top Model marathon (which makes Ed want to poke his eyes out), several episodes of Toddlers & Tiaras (yoo-hoo! Oh, pedophiles! TLC has pictures of two-year olds getting spray tans and five-year olds in bikinis!) which was a disturbing train-wreck of which I couldn't tear my eyes from, an episode of NCIS (who do I love more - Zeva, Tony, Gibbs, McGee or Abby? I'd never be able to give an answer to that question) a little bit of American Idol and then Glee!

I was all excited to come to Lima because Glee is set here and I was expecting a pretty midwestern town. Well, maybe it was the rain, maybe it was the gloom, but I have to say....Lima, OH is nothing to write home about. I was very disappointed. How can something so gleeful be set somewhere so dull?? Maybe that's the whole point of it being set in the Midwest. Even in the show, no one wants to be a LIMA Loser; LIMA being an acronym for Lost In Middle America.

Tomorrow will be a day of sitting around in the "driver lounge" rather than in our comfy truck since they'll be working on the truck; while they do that, they don't allow you to stay in it. So there you have it, the exciting life of trucking in a fur-covered nutshell.

Which should remind you of chestnuts. Unless of course, you're a degenerate.

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