Friday, January 21, 2011


Years ago, I bought a book titled If…(Questions for the Game of Life). In it, are five hundred provocative questions. I've pulled this book out at parties, family gatherings and dinner parties with friends. It's a great way to get conversations started and an even better way to get to know people.

I've decided to start a new category called "If" and use the book to choose questions, which I will answer here, and then ask you to answer in the comment section. So let's get started with the first question...

If you had to lose one of your limbs, which one would you sacrifice?

I think I'd have to go with my left leg. I couldn't get rid of my arms, because I need them to type, write, do crafts, cook, sew and anything else I'd be doing if I were sitting around with one leg.

I'm "right-legged", so I'd need to keep that leg. And it's my gas pedal leg. Of course, my left leg is my clutch leg, but I can always go to an automatic transmission and wouldn't need to use it to shift at all. But I still need that right leg.

How about you? Which limb would you sacrifice??

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DIXIE said...

Yes, I would have to choose my left leg.

Hedon said...

Kinda makes you wish you had a tail so you could pick that, doesn't it? I'd have to do with the left leg also... besides it's still only partially working as it is so it wouldn't be that big a loss. :-)

Terry said...

I suppose I would also have to go with the left leg, if only because it gives me the most problems. I usually use my right leg for kicking ass...I guess if I didn't have my left leg I would end up "on" my ass every time I tried to kick some ass. So it might be a public service. Insert smiley face here.

Kelly said...

I agree to about losing my left leg.

MichelleR said...

I agree. Left leg, but below the knee. I worked for a prosthetic company and have seen patients come into the office in a wheelchair and walk out! When the amputation is above the knee it starts to get more difficult.