Monday, January 10, 2011

MMXI At Full Throttle

I have never had an energy drink in my life. I've never even taken a sip of one. But after watching my brother and Ed work in the yard for the past few days, I think I need one. The boys emptied both of our storage sheds, removed the old bases because they were infested with bees and snakes, and poured two new concrete slabs to set the sheds back on.

All I did was watch, bring them water and make BLT's for lunch one day. I'm exhausted. Now that the concrete slabs are done, and the sheds are back on, all that's left is to go through all of our belongings, organize them and send the stuff we don't want off to Goodwill. Then we'll lock the shed and hit the road.

We've been home since just after Christmas and I think we'll head back to work next week. I'm stil hoping to catch more snow for the season and get in a visit to Nashville to see my best friend (sometime in the future).

I can't wait to get into the swing of this year. For some reason, I feel really excited about 2011 and want to get things rolling. I have a couple of cool things on the agenda and will talk more about them as time goes on. I recently read, or heard, someone say "Figure out what you want and learn how to ask for it." I think I may just have figured out what I want. But I'm not asking anyone for it; I'm going after it.

That I have energy for!

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Gil said...

If you want snow head North and East. We are really getting hit now! Where did the Bobcat picture go?