Friday, January 07, 2011

How To Kill Bees

Behind our house in Arizona, we have two storage sheds, mostly filled with junk, old photos, Christmas decorations and clothes that no longer fit.

They also house bees.

Over the past few years, we've noticed more bees flying around the backyard area and last year we had a guy come out to spray some stuff that was supposed to kill them, but didn't. At that same time, Ed built a new floor for one of the sheds, clearing everything out from underneath when he did. Apparently, the bees liked that location and came back. This is what we found under that shed:

Here is a close up of the hive. I think it's creepy and alien looking. And since the bees were all over it, it looked as if it were moving.

Look at the honeycomb (although these were no honeybees!)...
Even closer yet. Check out those critters!

It was amazing seeing them huddled all in one spot. We read that they can't really move when it's cold, so we did this late afternoon, when the temperature had dipped. Ed and I also knew from hauling bees, that they're docile after dark when it's cooler.

After the first shed was done, it was time to move on to the second shed. This one we got on video. Yes, that's me talking on the video (the first male voices are of my brother and Ed and then you'll hear my mother and step-father). And yes, that's me screaming like a girl (I don't like flying insects or snakes). I never realized how high-pitched I sound when screeching.

I was talking loudly (until Ed told me to speak lower) and I also threw in a few colorful words (until my brother reminded me I was on video). I was shouting because I didn't want to stand near the camera, which was set up near the bees!

Be sure to watch closely as the wood base is lifted...there is a large snake in plain view on the ground when they pulled it up. I was so focused on looking for the bee hive, that I didn't even SEE the snake, which I discovered was a Western Diamondback Rattlesnake.
You will clearly hear me the moment I noticed it. Check it out:

I think I have to go to a voice coach before I make any more videos; or stick with the Arkansas accent. Once both hives were exposed, we waited for dark and then came back with the secret bee killing ingredient; Soapy Water That's right, plain old soap and water.

They mixed a bucket of dish soap and water until it were nice and bubbly, poured it over the hive and ran! Once the bees were saturated and couldn't move, my brother scraped the hives off the wood with a shovel and tossed them into a plastic storage bin and put the lid on. This morning they were all dead.

As for the snake, I boxed it up and mailed it to...ok, I didn't mail it to anyone, but I know exactly who I'd send it to. The snake was taken care of by calling the local fire department, who scooped it up and took it away. A lot of excitement for one day, isn't it?

And all those people on the east coast are whining about getting a little more snow.


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Gil said...

If I were you I'd ask if the local farm agency has a bee expert as bees are disappearing worldwide. Without bees the crops don't get pollinated and food production drops. Loced the video!

Gil said...

s/b Loved the video! I wonder what the firemen do with the snakes. Eat them?

Roberta Warshaw said...

Next time that happens call someone. A beekeeper will gladly come and take the bees off your hands.

If the bees all die, you won't have any fruit or vegetables to deliver anymore.

Just saying.

Sarmen Khosdeghian said...

This has to be one of your Top-10 most entertaining posts.

Juli said...

XXX love the video! I am the same way with snakes! This is Juli from Rawlins WY, the golf course here, that you can see from I-80, has rattle snakes all around it! I don't golf but I like to go along with my husband and ride around in the cart snake hunting. When I do see one I freak out and start talking fast and non-stop......kinda like what I heard on your video LOL! This video made me laugh out loud for real! Thanks for sharing!

gdiesels said...

Thanks in advance for the week of bad dreams. I hate snakes!

Great Post and Video

june in florida said...

Loved the video,it will get a lot of hits.Miss Arkansas was hysterical,you and Ed are a comedy act.

Anonymous said...

OMG, you scream like a little girl. You all act like you've never seen a snake. How long has your family live here? LOL

Ms. Crawford said...

Omg I HATE snakes, I would have been in the house and far away from any windows or doors. Lol

Mike Kennedy said...

Salena - this is classic! There's a newspaper blogger in town here with a big readership who loves squeamish pictures for his online following. I sent him this link by email just for the heck of it.

Anonymous said...

For all of you bee lovers out there, we did contact several bee keepers, but they either wouldn't call us back or couldn't come out when we needed them to. We did have a time schedule after all and Apparently bee keepers in the Tucson area are very busy this time of year or all on vacation. Saving the bees was the first option. It just didn't work out though. The story does have a happy ending. Bees were buzzing for a few days afterwards so I know that they live on....Just not under our sheds where we and others have to walk frequently.