Monday, January 03, 2011

Start With An Ollie, Finish With A Shred And Grind

This past weekend, Ed and I went to the skateboard park with my brother and my three nephews (that's my oldest nephew there in the photo!). That's right, ME in a place swarming with children. No, no, I'm okay. Thanks for asking.

But while watching and taking pictures, I felt like I was in a foreign country; grind, ollie, carve, half-pipe, trucks. I needed a
Skateboard-English dictionary. If I'm going to be the cool aunt, I have to know how to communicate.

The best part of the day for the boys (and by boys, I mean Ed, my brother and my three nephews) was the mini-sports cam we bought my brother for Christmas. They were strapping that thing on anything they could get it around; helmets, heads, thighs, chests, foot, etc. They made a video that makes going on a rollercoaster look like a walk in the park. I wanted to throw up just watching it, that's how disorienting it is.

But with geeky Ed on the laptop (yes, at the skatepark) and my nephews "shredding up" the skatepark, they were in heaven.

You know what I'm screamin', dude?

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Gil said...

We need a picture of you on a skateboard!

Ms. Crawford said...

I think that camera sounds awesome! What a great idea, I bet you are a loved Aunt. I never think of stuff that cool, but I did take my neice to get her ears pierced for Christmas, that was cool.