Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Not So Wacky After All

It's really amazing what a little "organizing" of storage boxes will turn up...

Years ago, when I worked for the Westin La Paloma, a guest needed some assistance with something. Her request wasn't something I could do "on" the job, but I did take care of it for her on my own time, outside of the hotel.

She was so impressed with my going out of my way, that she wrote me a card saying it was "definitely above and beyond the call of duty but was a friendliness that made a very, very positive impression on a hotel guest and a first-time visitor to Arizona!" Not only was the hotel guest impressed, but my boss was as well.

She was a guest at the annual conference of the North American Society of Adlerian Psychology. She left me a book from one of their most prominent teachers, Rudolf Dreikurs. As I began thumbing through the little book containing his words of wisdom, I found many that struck a chord with me. Here are the ones I found to be most significant.

"It is better to be wrong in figuring out the meaning of a situation than to overlook it."

"Every untrue answer to a child's question endangers the child's confidence in you."

"Parents can't get along with their children if they assume that their children can be subdued."

"To establish language as a means of communication within the family would require the avoidance of talk whenever conflict arises."

"We make our experiences according to our life goal."

"We have harmony only among equals."

Seems like those shrinks really know what they're talking about.

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