Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Can I Appoint Myself The Baroness Of Cattle?

On Monday, we picked up our load in Arizona, heading out to Indiana. While at the facility loading, we met another driver named Mark who is leased to the same company we are. While loading the trailer, we all got to talking. Loading took almost all morning. By the time afternoon rolled into evening, we were all hungry and decided to take a meal together. That was our first meal of the trip.

During that meal, we decided we'd run together, all the way to Indiana. This is the first time Ed and I have done this on purpose; there have been other times that we've found ourselves loading at the same facility as another driver, going to the same place, but we've never consciously made a decision to drive with them. I guess we've just never liked anyone as much.

Mark was different, though. We really liked him. We all got along very well. It's the most I think I've ever seen Ed talk to anyone out here. And as far as truck drivers go, he was a real gem. He originally went to college to become an engineer and also got a music scholarship; he was a pianist. I've never met a truck driver who studied classical piano. Very interesting. He and I hit it off right away; he had a charm about him that made him very easy to talk with, kid with and converse intelligently over dinner with. We had a great time, the three of us.

Tuesday morning while I slept, Ed and Mark had breakfast together. A big, hearty, trucker meal. We drove all day and by the time dinner rolled around, Ed came up with the fantastic idea that we should eat at the Cattle Baron in Roswell, New Mexico. Ed had been to this particular restaurant before with his parents, and he and I had eaten at the Cattle Baron in Midland, TX. Best steak we've ever had. In the entire country. WAY better than our overpriced, overcooked, marginal steak dinner at McCormick & Schmick's. This meal, I was really looking forward to; as were the guys, since they're both steak lovers.

We found parking on the street right next to the restaurant (for two loaded semi's!) and made our way into the Cattle Baron, walking into a cloud of the most delicious aroma wafting from the open kitchen. We were salivating at this point. We finally got to eating; the salad bar was extensive, dinner was fantastic and delicious desserts topped everything off. We left sated and ready to put a few more miles under our belts.

We're expecting to deliver on Thursday and providing we don't hit any bad weather, that delivery time should stand. I'm looking forward to a few more meals together and I can tell you right now, I'm going to be sad when the trip ends. It's one of the most fun trips across the country we've made.

Mark has already invited us to his expansive spread in Ohio; little does he know that I may just be taking him up on that invite. Especially since he has truck parking!

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Fandango Travelers said...

OMG - I can smell those steaks from here!

Marlaina said...

Best steak ever until you hit Argentina! Are you sure you weren't swayed by just the fact that you found double semi parking outside?