Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Annnnnnd....It's Back On!

Yesterday our load canceled; today it's back on, but doesn't pick up until Saturday. That means three more days off! Add that to the four we've already had and I'm happy as a clam. I will do laundry, get a pedicure, spend another day like today at Barnes & Noble, go see a movie (Water for Elephants); Ed will install his new oil tank thingy, get the truck washed and probably continue playing nightly chess games on his computer.

Today we went to lunch at Qdoba Mexican Grill, a place we've seen before, but never been. It was sorta like Chipotle, but not quite as good. Although, their shredded beef was delicious. After that, we decided to hit the Barnes & Noble for a few hours for coffee and dessert before heading back to the truck to watch Glee.

When we got to the shopping center, The Avenue at White Marsh, we parked in the overflow lot, which is right next to a cute little pond with a water fountain feature, teeming with white and mallard ducks (colorful males and spotted females) and Canadian geese. I instinctively reached for a package of corn tortillas that have been hanging around too long and headed over to the pond. I started to throw a few towards the water and the ducks ran towards me. And the ones that were in the water, could have put a small motorboat to shame with how fast they paddled over.

Then I saw the goslings. Six of them, surrounded by what could have only been their parents, since they hissed, snapped and lunged toward any other bird that got too close to their babies. They were all making a lot of noise. Apparently, Canadian Geese are one of the most talkative animals after humans. I guess they're really big on communicating.

I depleted my entire supply of corn tortillas and yelled back to the truck for Ed to bring a loaf of bread over; he brought two loaves of bread. We gave it all to the fowl. They loved it. I thought they were going to follow us into the Barnes & Noble. And they were BIG. Big like a turkey. They didn't take the bread right from our hands, like other geese we've fed have done, but they seemed thrilled to follow our little bread trail.

We soon ran out and started to leave for the bookstore. But before we did, I captured one more shot of the babies. They snuggled into the grass to rest for a minute. Aren't they freakin' cute???

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Project Girl said...

Maybe I wouldn't want it all the time, but your life this week is sounding pretty nice! Enjoy! Those ducklings were so cute...

Custom Vehicle Graphics said...

I love your ducklings it's cute thanks for sharing this post to us :)

Angela said...

Ok the geese are adorable. And I'm stoked to see you went to a Qdoba because I'm stoked to know we're getting one built right here in Charleston! yay. We don't have Chipotle and it's over an hour to the closest Qdoba or Moe's Southwest Grille, which is fab by the way.