Monday, May 02, 2011

Change Of Plans. Another Lazy Day Is In Order.

Woke up late this morning to another day of lounging. Our load was supposed to pick up tomorrow morning, so before we headed out for the day, we called to find out the exact time we had to be there. Good thinking on my part since we were told that no, it wouldn't be ready in the morning, that we were looking at Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.

Ed went for a walk while I got cleaned up and ready to go out. Then we went to Target for a few things, went to a truck supply place and got a fuel filter for the truck and then got another phone call. Our load had canceled. Well, the load as we knew it. The customer still wanted the freight, but they changed the scope of how they wanted it hauled.

Initially, we were pulling their trailer and doing a round trip. Now they wanted us to use our trailer, and it was now going to be over-dimensional (which means paying for permits and only driving certain hours through certain states) and we'd be stuck in Seattle with no load back. The pay for the one-way trip paid about the same as the round trip, but being stuck for who knows how long on the other end was not a good deal. The only stuff coming out of that area were loads going to undesirable locations or ones that paying rates that were embarrasingly cheap. Nope, not interested. So we declined.

To celebrate our coming to a decision, we had lunch at P.F. Chang's, which clearly was the only reasonable thing to do. So after some Wonton Soup, a few eggrolls and delicious Cantonese Chicken, we ran a few more errands before we headed back "home" to our spot.

Once we got back to the truck, Ed changed the oil on the generator while I goofed around on the computer. As soon as he was done, we were planning on watching a movie or two...if we could get two in.

Last night we watched The Way Back and The Tourist. The Way Back was way better. We got a third movie, A Shine of Rainbows, because it was half off (fifty cents, people!) and although it looked like it could have been cute, we couldn't stay up to finish it. Red Box makes it easy to not feel guilty if you don't finish a flick - at a dollar a pop, it's practically cheaper than breathing.

Tonight we watched The American. It was okay. Set in Italy, which always makes movies better, and starring George Clooney; who really cares what the plot is. It was nice hearing the Italians call him "L'Americano". Has a much better ring to it than, "You're an Amurican, aintcha?"

And on that note, although the movie had really nothing to do with the recent turn of events (well, except that someone was killed), I think this spectacular piece by Tim Wise, really gives some perspective, and provokes serious thought regarding how "American" people acted yesterday. In my opinion, it should required reading by all.

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