Saturday, May 07, 2011

Don't Worry, Daily Rant. I'm On Your Six.

The number six refers to many things; here are a few where it's significant:

• The number of strings on a standard guitar.
• The number of points on a Star of David.
• The number of geese a-laying in The Twelve Days of Christmas.
• The number of LeBron James.
• The
resin identification code used in recycling to identify polystyrene.
• On most phones, it’s the MNO key.
• In the ancient Roman calendar, it was the sixth month (Sextilis).
• The standard term in office for a United States Senator.
• The number of cans in a six-pack.
• The number of feet below ground level a coffin is traditionally buried.
• The number of sides on a standard dice.
• The number sometimes used to identify extra-sensory perception; a sixth sense.
• The number of flags in the amusement park that represents the
worst day of my life.
• The number of degrees said to separate any two people on Earth.

And, last but not's the number of years I've been writing my blog!!

Today my blog is six years old. Six years of writing every day. Six years of coming up with new ideas. Six years of taking pictures of places I've been to share with you all. Six years of eating out in restaurants to do little "reviews" (that part is pretty good). Six years of never repeating a blog post title; that's two thousand, one hundred ninety blog posts.

I am the only daily blog on the internet, written by a truck driver, that has
lasted this long. Most crash and burn after a few months or years; and if they even lasted for a few years, none of them have ever written daily. I am the only daily blog that combines trucking and travel. And I am the only daily blog that has lasted this long, and is written by a female truck driver.

Sometimes it's challenging to come up with something to write about everyday. I mostly combine the career of truck driving, with the benefit of its travel. I have over twelve hundred sixty posts that include
photos I've taken. I've written about Ed over three hundred fifty times. I've written about forty-nine of the fifty states, and about eleven of the thirteen Provinces and Territories in Canada. And my mother provides endless material; I can probably created an entire blog based on what she says and does alone.

I've been calling each yearly celebration a "blogiversary" as they do on the internet. But it's really more of a "blogirthday"; but maybe that word didn't catch on since it's a bit awkward to say. I associated an anniversary with a marriage of sorts, and of course a birthday is the celebration of the day something was born. My blog was created (in essence, born) on May 7, 2005. So I'd say technically, it's a birthday. I'm going to give this some thought today, as I revel in my six years, and by the end of the day will make a decision on whether I'm going to change this category from "blogiversary" to "blogirthday". Please feel free to offer your two cents, if you'd like.

But right now? It's time for cake! My blog prefers devil's food cake (no frosting, six candles), so that's what I'm going to make. I think I'll have a tall glass of milk with mine and sing between bites.

Happy Birthday to The Daily Rant! Happy Birthday to the The Daily Rant! Happy Biiirrrrtthhhhdaaaay dear The Daily Raaaant. Happy Birthday to you!

And many more....

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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Gil said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Grant C said...

Happy Blogirthday!

The man I hope to be............ said...

Happy Birth/Anniv/Day.Great job for 6 years.

MAE said...

Thank you for six years of reading pleasure and great pictures. Happy
Blogirthday! Happy Blogiversary! We Love You!

Marlaina said...

Congratulations. Yours is the BEST trucking and travel blog on the web. I can't read daily because I am driving, but I am always excited to catch up. Your writing is clear, crisp and entertaining. A great read.

Don Olney said...

Very Cool!

RingBali said...

I want to see your truck pic..add that to your post...

I just drop from Blogcatalog..and please to follow your blog...

I'm a man from different part of the world want to get any story about life in different culture than mine

Anonymous said...

Six looks good on the Daily Rant.

Congratulations on your way to seven and beyond.

Well written, very informative blog and slice of life. With terrific photos.



all things bradbury said...

happy blogirthday! i like it!!...
brad & i had no idea what to get your blog, so here's a box of random letters to use in the next ones!!
congratulations!! and many, many more!

june in florida said...

Thank you and may you, Eddie and the blog have many more happy and adventurous years.

The Daily Rant said...

Awww, shucks! Thanks everyone!

RingBali: Check out the sidebar post "Read About Our Truck"

Bradburys: VERY funny. I can always use extra letters - although I don't know what I'm going to do with all those @'s.