Friday, August 19, 2011

Settled In And Planning Our Day

This is our hotel room at the Villa Del Mar. You can see the little sitting area and the patio beyond the sliding doors. This property is actually more like a condotel - from what we have researched so far, it seems people own these units and rent them out. There was even an episode on House Hunters International that featured this property. You can see the video of that episode on their website.

There is a little kitchenette (on the left), a washer & dryer, TV with DVD player, all tile floors, the bathroom, with a tub, is through that little window over the bed. You can close the shutters for privacy but it gives a nice look to the room. I actually used the bathtub last night - the first time I've taken a bath in probably thirty years!

Right now, we're sitting on the balcony, drinking coffee and reading the local magazines from the island. Ed is looking at the real estate magazine, throwing around millions of dollars on all the places he "plans" to buy.

This afternoon we'll hit the beach and later this evening, do dinner at one of the local restaurants, most of which are located in the neighboring resorts.

On a completely different note: If you left a comment for the Justin Boots Giveaway contest, where I was supposed to announce the winner TODAY, that announcement has been postponed until after September 1st, when I return to the states. I didn't realize, when I packed and left for the trip, bringing only my netbook and not my laptop, that all the contest entries were on the laptop. So, I won't have access to that until I return.

I sincerely apologize for the delay. Besides, it's still should be wearing flip-flops, not work boots! :)

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Marlaina said...

You have style, Ms. Salena. And a washer & dryer, my holy grail of luxury nowadays. A clean washer and dryer just steps away, wash one t-shirt and a time if you want too.
Enjoy your island rendezvous.

Gil said...

I feel sorry for your poor truck when you come back!

ELH said...

I'm soooooo jealous...enjoy..