Thursday, August 25, 2011

Project Island Life

We headed out to the beach again today to test the waters after the storm. It was as if nothing happened - people on the beach, in the water, having a good time.

We tried to snorkel right off our beach but the water was super-cloudy and very cold. Also, there were a ton of shells washed up on shore (some of which I collected). I did get more sun today, so I'm happy about that.

Ed is heading down to the grill to cook some chicken, while I make a nice salad to lay it on. We're a little wiped out from frolicking in the waves and I'm ready to relax. It's much cooler today and with the breeze, sitting on the patio is quite comfortable.

Tonight - Project Runway, island style!! Which means watching it while wrapped in a pareo.

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Yvonne Kirby said...

relaxes life is so good live that :)
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Belledog said...

Now back to some serious relaxing and eating well. And monitoring how long, exactly, it takes Caribbean waters to settle after a hurricane passes through.

Your reportage is not over yet!

That's a beautiful photo.



PS: I think we're going to go see "The Help" today. Read the book; liked it a lot. Did you? Cheers.

myacrolife said...

amazing play by play on this vaca. totally didn't realize you did in high fashion style by staying two weeks. feels like you've been gone forever, however i am beyond jealous that you are "living" the island life right now. no wonder you ignored my probably didn't get it. anyway, i loved reading this, so proud to call you my family based on your writing alone (and a few other things lol). i love seeing these pics, feels like i am with you on vaca. love u xoxo

Granite countertop said...

amazing photo of beach..