Thursday, August 18, 2011

Island Bound

We've been off for about two weeks now and in the last few days, Ed decided he wanted to go on vacation; somewhere with beach, an opportunity for snorkeling, some scuba diving lessons (for him, not me).

The choices were overwhelming. We started with Anguila because my cousin had gone there on his honeymoon and loved it. But the resort he went to was closing for the season on the 29th, so that was out. Then we tried Antigua. Aruba. Bahamas. Dominican Republic. Jamaica. Barbados. St. Lucia. St. John. St. Thomas. There was something about all of them that we just weren't hitting on. We didn't want a resort with kids. Or with people having sex out in the open (uh, Hedonism II in Jamaica anyone?).

We didn't think our needs were great - beautiful beaches, snorkeling and diving, luxurious or semi-luxurious accomodations, and good food. It was hard to find all in one place. Then there were the all-inclusive or not all-inclusive choices. I'm always wary with all-inclusive, because I don't like crap food. And on our cruise, that's what we had - the most horrendous food I've ever eaten. Worse than a food court in a mall. And that's actually insulting to the mall.

Once we decided where we were going (yesterday), we got up this morning and booked our flight, hotel and rental car. And now I can breathe.

I am writing this sitting in the long-term parking at the airport which thankfully, had truck parking. For only EIGHT dollars a day!! You cannot beat that. Parking at a local truckstop was $15 a night and they didn't have a gated facility with twenty-four hour security. We totally scored.

It's almost four in the morning and I haven't slept yet. Our flight leaves in two hours. Oh, I didn't tell you where we were going, did I?

Turks and Caicos! I will be blogging while there and hopefully posting pictures. I expect to have a better connection than I did in Italy, so it should be daily. Fingers crossed.

See you in two weeks!!

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Gil said...

Have a great time!

MAE said...

I am so excited to see your pictures and read your posts. Have a great time relaxing.
Love you both.

ELH said...

have a great time, fill us in as you can..