Monday, August 15, 2011

Cut And Color

This week I got my hair cut at a place called Chrome. Best haircut I think I've ever gotten. Of course, I say that every time I get a fabulous haircut, but this one was truly exceptional. The stylist took so much time with me. Listened to what I wanted, and then gave it to me.

Ed was a little crabby the morning I went to get it cut because he wants it to grow longer (what is it with guys and long hair???), but I just can't stand it long anymore. It's easier to manage when it's short and I actually think it looks better. So here's an Instagram picture the day I got it cut - you can't really see the style exactly, but the back, sides and top are short...with the longer pieces in the front. I love it.

Then on Saturday, I got a bug and thought I'd try to do some highlights. I know they never turn out the way they're supposed to, but I was hoping to have more luck than the last time I tried to do highlights. I pulled the cap on my head and started to pull through strands of hair. It was a royal pain in the ass because I couldn't get the same amount of strands through - some were too thick, some too thin. I kept starting over.

Then I thought to ask Ed to help me. Armed with a teeny-tiny crochet hook, he began pulling strands through the holes. Finally it appeared as if there were even amounts of hair coming out of the cap. I looked ridiculous. I slathered on the bleach and waited the recommended sixty to seventy minutes, checking the hair strands periodically. Before rinsing, the strands where supposed to be pale yellow, which they were. I rinsed, conditioned and blew it dry. These were the results:
I liked the color for less than a day. When I awoke this morning, it looked yellower and orangier than it had last night. I kinda liked it, but I just wasn't used to seeing myself like this and since I did it myself, there were a few boo-boos that I noticed, which made it a little less than perfect. I realize that some people pay big money to get colors just like this. I know it because I've seen it. Well, unless all those people also did their own highlights. for thought.

Anyway, I lived through Sunday with it and by evening, had decided to color over it, bringing me back to my beautiful brown color. The highlights actually still show, but now they're mostly brown, with a bronzy look to them. Much better.

I just hope all this color in my hair isn't going to turn when we go on our vacation. I would hate to be the only person at the pool with green hair!

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Gil said...

Your hair looks good! I know long beautiful hair takes too much work and way toooooo long to dry! Now I just look at a couple of old pictures of Anne with long hair.

all things bradbury said...

i thought it looked really good!! need to post a pic of what it looks like now that you've colored over it.....i've been thinking about some highlights and just haven't taken the jump.....i's not brave enough to try it myself

Anonymous said...

OMG, that first picture looks like you have chest hair?
Love the hair.

The Daily Rant said...


MAE said...

Greg's an idiot, lol. The haircut style and the coloring looks great. Smart girl having short hair.

ELH said...

loooooking goood Salena