Saturday, August 06, 2011

Harborside Education

Today we spent the entire day with our friends, Greg & Marlaina. We are waiting on our load to be ready and they were going to be in the area, so they came down to visit with us. We haven't seen them since the truck show in Louisville, at the end of March.

We all rose leisurely from our cushy beds at the Hilton (separate rooms, of course) and met in the hotel restaurant for breakfast. We talked trucking, politics, food and more. We made a loose plan regarding how we wanted to spend our day.

Since they had a rental car, we decided to go right down into the Inner Harbor area; something we can't do in the truck. Although, we did navigate around there one time and it wasn't pretty. Ed is fearless and just drove where he wanted, but I avoided everyone's gaze so I didn't have to see the, "What the hell are you doing down here in that thing??" looks. With Greg and Marlaina having a car this time, parking wouldn't be an issue.

We got downtown, found nearby parking and then just walked around, people watched, toured an old sloop, did a little shopping at the
Harbor Place Mall, sat in patio dining at a restaurant and had drinks and appetizers while talking about more trucking - this weekend is sort of a mini "Ed" seminar. They are picking his brain to get some information before making a transition in their trucking career.

After that, we headed back to the hotel to freshen up before dinner. On the way back, Marlaina and I decided we needed to hit Macy's; she wanted leggings, and I had to exchange a purse I recently bought. The boys dropped us off at the entrance before heading off to the Tilted Kilt for a beer.

When Marlaina and I were done, the boys came and picked us and we headed out to a waterside restaurant for a seafood dinner. We got back to the hotel late into the evening, talked for a bit more in the lobby and then hit the elevator to head off to our respective rooms.

As the elevator doors closed, Greg waved and said, "See you in the morning for breakfast!"

Tomorrow is our last day together. Looks like someone is going to be cramming.

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Ms. Crawford said...

So lucky! It is is always nice to get a break and enjoy time with friends! I hope you guys have a great time, I'm sure you will of course!! You and Ed are a total crack up so how could you not?

ELH said...

so what size new t.v. did you settle on for the truck??

Gil said...

I hope you gouged yourselves on: crab cakes, oysters, clams, etc! When we visited that area I ate so much that I couldn't finish one beer.