Monday, August 01, 2011

Imagine What These Bird Droppings Look Like

On one of our trips through North Dakota, we were able to drive the Enchanted Highway. This thirty-two mile stretch between Interstate 94 and Regent, North Dakota features the world's largest metal sculptures. There are seven of them; Deer Crossing, Geese In Flight, Grasshopper's Delight, Pheasants On The Prairie, Theodore Roosevelt Rides Again, The Tin Family, and Fisherman's Dream (my favorite). If you click on the photo below, you'll see how I captured these sculptures, but if you want details on each one, click the link above to go to the Enchanted Highway website.
The artist who created these, Gary Greff, dreamt of ways to bring people and businesses to the tiny community of Regent. He was inspired by a hay bale strongman built by a farmer, which had drawn passing motorists to pull off the road and take pictures of it. He began to wonder how many people would stop for giant metal sculptures. Prior to 1989, he'd never done any artwork or welding, but has since created these seven giant sculptures, including one (Geese In Flight) which graces the side of Interstate 94, beckoning drivers to take the next exit to the Enchanted Highway. Just the name is enough to draw people in.

He's done other sculptures and little projects, some of which can be seen in the town of Regent, where you'll also find the Enchanted Highway Gift Shop. Along the drive, you'll see miles of open prairie, rolled bales of hay, farmers and silos. It's exciting to keep your eyes peeled for the next sculpture, seeing it rise from the horizon as you approach. Each location has parking for cars, not really for trucks, but the road isn't heavily traveled, so stopping to take pictures is easy.I love this enchanted life I have, with all the wonderful things I get to see in my travels. Who would have ever thought that driving a big rig around the country would be so rewarding?

So, if you're in North Dakota, you now have several things to see:

The biggest cow.

Big freakin' buffalo who graze within feet of your vehicle window; and what they leave behind.

And grasshoppers, geese and birds that would scare a dinosaur.

How enchanting.

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Marlaina said...

The 'Highway' art in America has been one of the big delights of driving a big truck around the country. This looks amazing. I want to see this. I want to go there.

I love the diversity of the interests you have and share on your blog.

Anonymous said...

Just wonderful, Salena.

Agree with Marlaina's comment.