Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Ed Weighs In

For a long time now, I've been asking Ed to do a guest post for me. I post something every day and sometimes, it's just hard to come up something to say. Shocker, I know. I told him that I'd love if he would fill in once in a while to give me a little break.

I don't know how often this will happen, but a recent phone call led him to write the following post. I guess this means I'll be creating a new category...I'll keep it simple and just call it "Ed's View".

So, heeeeeerrrreeeeee's Ed!

I don’t talk about politics, religion, or your Momma. It seems in the coming election year that many of the agents I talk to want to drag me into a political discussion about their views. I have been dismissing them and saying that I have to get off the phone, but lately I've been considering flat-out hanging up on them at the very mention of the economy or their favorite President. I don’t care. I haul freight and I am a former US Marine. I don’t give a crap about your political views or what you think of the politicians. As far as I am concerned, Sting said it best, “They all seem like game show hosts to me”.

For the sake of this post, I won't be talking about religion or your momma, but I will tell you what I'd like to see in the coming years from the United States of America, and I suppose those thoughts can be considered political. Here we go...

1. No more political contributions of any kind from anyone; none from any businesses, people or organizations. Let the politicians duke it out on the internet and keep all ads off of TV, radio, and print. If a politician is caught receiving any contributions from anyone, they will be automatically disqualified from the election. After elected, they can never accept any form of compensation from anyone except the allowance that the President gets after leaving office.

2. No more lobbyists. Period. If any politician is remotely affiliated with anyone who is accepting money from any person, company or organization, they are thrown out of office and the laws they helped craft are erased. The person who takes their place will craft new legislation without the bias of monetary influence.

3. If you are a biased “news” network, one who has been found guilty of telling only one side of the story, then while your show is on the air, you must have a mandatory crawl on the bottom of the screen stating: “The opinions expressed on this network have been found to be biased and the information provided could be incomplete or incorrect. All information displayed by this network should be subject to further validation and scrutiny and are only the views of the owner of this organization.” The same type of disclosure should be applied to all radio and print media.

4. Public education reform. This is beyond me, but it needs to happen.

5. Tariffs. NOW!!!! Bring back the jobs, stop the outsourcing, and if stop catering to off shore companies who do business here, live here, and work here, but don’t pay taxes here like the rest of us.

6. The people of the United States are responsible for the United States. NOT the President. He or she is just a figurehead and can only do or get away with what the people allow them to. I know in the coming year, everyone is going to be talking about politics; unfortunately, most of the crap I hear is straight from the mouths of the lackluster major media outlets, and not from the actual research that people should be doing on their own. They regurgitate the talking points they hear on television and don’t think for themselves. I do, and will continue, to turn a deaf ear to it.

If you’re an agent calling me for a load, then do that. I’m not here to make conversation with you. Load my trailer, pay me, and mind your own business. I appreciate working with you, and I will continue to haul your loads and take your money, but bringing politics into the mix is unprofessional, disrespectful, and in general, shows you don’t have a grasp of what appropriate conversation is.

I will listen to your opinion and be respectful to you, but I am watching the clock and waiting for the first opportunity to get off the phone. I don’t care who you are voting for, just like you probably don’t care about what has happened in my life, to lead me to believe what I believe and to support who I support.



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Marlaina said...

This is a manifesto I can stand behind. I vote for Ed's platform.

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Useless Housewife said...

Go Ed, Go!

ELH said...

I'd like to see ED comment more often...nicely said...

june in florida said...

I would like to hear more, WTG ED.

Belledog said...

Word, Ed.

Anonymous said...

Thanks everybody. Now back to hauling freight.

Anonymous said...

Ed is the MAN!