Thursday, November 24, 2011

Nuts About Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is probably my favorite food holiday, not because of the large amounts of food (because we have tons of food at all family gatherings), but because of the type of food. Turkey is not something I ever make. Sometimes I'll have it at a restaurant if I have the urge, but I would never make a whole one like one does at Thanksgiving.

We spend the day at my brother's house and his mother-in-law does all the cooking. She's a fabulous cook and she always makes something new. It's definitely a meal I look forward to it.

My hot spinach and artichoke dish was a huge hit and I also made use of my
monkey pod dish - we used it for the nuts! Ed made me take it out of the truck about a month ago since he thought it was "cluttering" up the counter and I was sad to see it go - I fought hard for it but lost.

Overall, a wonderful Thanksgiving was had!

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