Sunday, November 27, 2011

Last Full Day Of Freedom

Today is our last day at home before we head out to Phoenix for our UPS run. I didn't get everything done that I needed to, but some of the things can wait until we get home next month, I suppose. The only thing I have left to do, is stock the truck tomorrow.
The photo about is our route - it's different this year, one that takes us to Kansas, Houston, Nashville, Georgia. The last runs we've done for UPS have taken us to the Northwest quite a bit but this time it's all between I-10 and I-80 - no real northern areas and not one Seattle drop in the bunch (click picture to enlarge). We'll cover 17,913 miles in 21 days, which is not really that bad if you break it down. The longest leg of the trip is Salt Lake City to Atlanta, about 1,800 miles.

We didn't have time to sort through the shed for our Christmas decorations, so we'll just have to buy new ones - I like the truck to be decked out with red garland, snowmen, candy canes and lights. If I have to deliver presents to those all over the country, I want to be festive while doing it! It's the last thing I'll do before we hit the road.

Now it's time to get some sleep. See you around...wave if you see us!

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june in florida said...

Have a good safe trip, does this mean your be home for Christmas? Love the hair color.

Anonymous said...

Yeah it does June and that is one of the reasons why we do this load when it is available. We get to stay busy and be home for both holidays. Speaking of the holidays,
Have a Happy Happy,

Project Girl said...

Wow! That's a whole lot of criss-crossing! I hope I get a glimpse of you during your (it appears many) skips through Dallas -- I always love to see how the "big rigs" are decked out at Christmas. It seems there are fewer of them each year. Awesome that you get to be home: bonus.

Scott said...

Hi--- what program did you use to highlight the route? Is that something you can do on the internet, or did you use a GPS? I want to do this for the places I've driven...pretty cool when you see it layed out like this.

Salena (the Daily Rant author!) said...

That program is called PC Miler. It's great. We can run reports with it for mileage, etc. In addition to just getting the best route.

We have mapped out our whole year of loads to see how many times we've cross-crossed the country. It's kind of cool.