Monday, November 21, 2011

Stop And Smell The Turkey And Sweet Potatoes

Tomorrow we will be back home to take a break for about a week before we start our three week UPS run. We've done this run several years in a row with the exception of last year. It's harrowing and a lot of driving, not at all at our normal pace, but it's a nice chunk of money for the end of the year and it gets us home for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Ed has nothing planned for the week, but I have plenty to do before we go on the road. I have a list that would require me to be very ambitious to get everything done and I'm hoping I can motivate myself rather than just visiting with my friends for lunch, or sleeping late. If everything goes as I'd like, I'll also have most of my Christmas shopping done.

OK, who am I kidding? I'll be getting no Christmas shopping done. I'll be doing it from the road, on my iPhone. Which reminds me, does anyone have any good gifts suggestions for boys? They're in the 9-13 age group.

Hit me up with ideas!


Angela said...

If they are into zombie (don't wrinkle your nose) like my nephews they will want "dr. horribles zombie lab" where in they can make disgusting candy to eat.

I also think games of any sort are good for kids that age. I also got them that Scrabble Flash and I think about every kid has that new game Cuponk on their list.

june in florida said...

Cash is king when it comes to that age unless you know something they specifically want.Some electronic gismo they want now is not the one they want next week.I know cash is tacky but for those ages it's best.Happy Thanksgiving.