Saturday, July 13, 2013

Laundry Options For A Modern Trucker

Every time we have to do laundry, Ed and I have a discussion that lasts at least thirty minutes - him insisting we do it right that moment and me pleading to do it any other moment.  Or never.  I hate doing laundry. 

I was never very bothered by doing laundry, but that was probably because I never had to regularly do a minimum of five loads.  It never fails - we intend to do it when we have less than one bag but it always winds up being two if not three bags and I'm always inclined to just throw it all away and buy new clothes.  And towels, sheets, and washcloths.

Yesterday Ed won.  We did laundry at our first stop, instead of later tonight or tomorrow or Sunday or...never.  Remember never?  We haven't done laundry in a truck stop in years, we always go to a laundromat since we typically have so much.  And I really hate to tie up the machines in a truck stop when those guys usually only have one load and want to get in and out fast.  But Ed went in and scoped out the place and came back to tell me that the laundry room was empty.  Shit.  No way I was getting out of it.

The place was empty.  And air-conditioned.  And there was only one guy in the TV lounge.  And they had this:
I figured it was something new, but it might actually have been around for a while since it's been so long since we've done laundry in a truck stop.  No quarters needed, just pay with a credit card.  How awesome is that??  Has anyone out there seen these before?
One of the coolest features it has was the ability to receive a text message when your wash or dry cycle is done.  Rather than hanging around, timing each cycle, walking in and out to check whether they're done or not, we were able to go into the restaurant to get a bite to eat and we got a text just as we were finishing up.  Very convenient.
And that's not the only thing technology brings when it comes to laundry.  Look at this:
I hope this catches on everywhere.  I'd love to see it in regular laundromats too.  Then I can just sit in the truck in the parking lot and wait for a text telling me everything is ready and I need to come in and fold. 

Boy, the things you learn when you step out into the real world of trucking.

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Gil said...

That must have been a real shock to your system! Especially if the place was also clean. It is really amazing what they are doing with electronics these days....

Marlaina said...

I used it for the first time in Dallas South TA a couple of days ago. I have been avoiding the machines for a month, convinced, I would be suckered with an extra "convenience" fee. There's no extra fee. It worked for all three loads of wash and dry. The instructions were relatively accurate. And even accounted for the fact that this particular laundry room does not have a washer #3. I will do it again because the change machines always seem to be broken.

Of course the best on-the-road laundry is friends and family who say, come visit and bring your laundry and have a shower. That's a trucker treat.

Gary said...

Ive been using these for about 2 years, and really bummed when I have to beg for quarters anymore. I have also gotten a really quick refund by calling the 800 number on the signs ( I made a mistake). I check my bank statements on my smartphone, and have never noticed any type of discrepency when using these machines.

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