Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Musical Parking Spots

Whenever we park the truck, we use this bubble level to make sure the sleeper isn't leaning significantly to one side or the other. 

I'm the pain in the ass when it comes to the truck being level.  Big surprise, right?

The bed in our truck is situated on the side of the truck - most trucks have the beds going across the back - when we're moving, we sleep with our feet facing the cab, when we're stationary, we sleep with our heads facing the cab. 
The lean isn't much of a problem when it comes to sleeping, unless it's significant, but sitting at the table, if the truck is leaning forward or to the right, it's an issue for me.  Because when the truck is sloping forward, I slide out of my seat.  And when we're leaning to the right, I slide out of my seat.  This is not ideal for spending a night hanging out watching TV and surfing the net.

So I make Ed drive around the parking lot until we find a level spot.
Ed hates doing this as you can imagine.  The most recent parking spot search went like this:
He parked and said, "OK?"
"No, it's leaning to the right.  Can you move up a smidge?"  I said.
He moves up a little and said, "Now?"
"Nope.  Still leaning.  Can you try another spot?" 
He sighs heavily and moves to another spot.  "OK, how's that?"
"Welllll....the bubble isn't really in the middle.  It's kind of leaning to the right a little." I said.
"I'm not driving around this parking lot all night." he said, getting annoyed.

"Well, I'm not sitting on a friggin' slide all night.  So, try another spot please.  How about that one over there, by the blue Kenworth." I said, directing from the back of the sleeper, looking out of the front window.  

"I look like an idiot, pulling in and out of spots, parking and then unparking."  he said.


"You know what I mean.  I'm only moving one more time.  If we're not level, too bad."  he said.

Most truckers are worried about the 30-minute breaks imposed by the new Hours of Service.  I'm worried about getting a flat parking spot. 

So if you ever see a big black truck playing musical parking spots, or you think someone is stalking you trying to steal your spot as soon as you pull out, it's probably us. 

And if you're in a flat spot and want to switch, let me know.

I've got $10 bucks for you.

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june in florida said...

A self leveling truck is what you need, i am sure it must be out there. Or have wonderful Ed.

Unknown said...

Why does the direction of your head change when you are driving and parked? Is that a safety thing? Doesn't the change require re-making of the bed? Yes, these are the questions that keep me up at night....

I may need a bubble for my tiny house; what should I Google?? Thanks....

The Daily Rant said...

JUNE: Where can I get one of those? :)

BA: Well, when someone is driving and someone is sleeping, we think it's better to have our feet facing the cab because if for some reason, the driver has to stop short, I thought it would be best for our feet to hit the wall rather than our head, which in my mind, would collapse into my neck, causing a spinal injury and I'd be paralyzed for life. LOL So I'd rather have a broken ankle than a broken neck. :)

And when we're parked, we like to have our heads face the cab because if we sleep the other way, the air conditioning blows on our heads all night. I like to be freezing when I sleep, but I don't like my ears to be frozen solid when I wake up. :)

It does not require a remaking of the bed. The sheets and blanket stay on the bed and other than the bottom sheet, are not tucked in, and the pillows we just take off the bed and store elsewhere when we're not using them. So really nothing to keep you up at night. :)

You'll be fine in your tiny house! The hit of every party! lol

Belledog said...

You, Miss Salena, are the Princess and the Pea in the Peterbilt.