Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I Saw And I Said

I was shopping at my favorite Midwestern grocery store, Meijer, salivating over the six ears for one dollar price of corn.  I was in the heartland, where corn is grown.  I knew right off the bat I was getting at least 18 ears.  I'd figure out where I was going to put it later.

I approached the huge corn bin in the produce section but couldn't get near it because there were two women standing in front of it.  Based on their conversation, I determined they were mother and daughter.  The daughter appeared to be in her fifties, overweight wearing a frumpy dress, unkempt hair and no makeup.  She had a sour face.  She had parked her cart in front of the bin and was standing there shucking her corn, filling several bags with the ears.

Her mother, a carbon copy twenty years older, was sitting in an electric shopping cart, also parked directly in front of the bin.  I had no choice but to wait.

When they left I noticed the younger woman who had been shucking the corn, left a huge pile of corn husks all over the top of the fresh corn.  I shook my head and thought what an asshole as I pushed the husks aside to get to the corn I wanted.  Then I realized I was really annoyed that I had to do that because this woman before me decided to leave her mess all over the corn and walk away. 

So I gathered up all of her garbage and stuffed them into clear produce bags.  When I was done, I had two bags overflowing with husks.  I looked around and saw the two women at the deli counter. 

I was planning to drop the bags into the younger woman's cart when she wasn't looking and just walk off, but as I got closer and raised my arm to put the bags in her cart, she turned around.

I froze.  Then felt indignant.  So I looked her in the eye and from shoulder level dropped the bags straight into her cart and walked away.  Her mouth dropped open and she turned to tell her mother what just happened.

Then she came over to where I was at the corn bin, and had the nerve to say, "These aren't all mine."

"I saw you leave them there.  I watched you peel all your corn and drop the husks right here." I said, waving my arm across the area in front of me.  "And I'd say they are all yours.  You got at least twelve ears."

"Well..." she stammered.

"Well, nothing." I said.  "It's just rude.  You left your garbage on top of the corn other people want to buy and you just walked away."

She was looking around and under the bin, as if she were going to leave her bag of husks next to the bin on the floor.  I was watching her as I peeled my corn.  She was still stammering about how they weren't all hers, blah blah blah, but I wasn't listening .  I decided to get louder.

"Whatever.  You just left all your crap on top of other people's food.  It's just rude.  You didn't care about anyone else and you certainly didn't care about the people who work here and would have to clean up your mess."

She eventually walked away.  I saw her a few more times in the store but ignored her.  I'm glad I said something. 

I know most people wouldn't say anything and in today's climate you do have to be careful since you never know when someone will pull out a gun.  Shit, there have been shootings over disagreements at Little League games.  But that day I was pissed that I had to fish through a pile of wet corn husks, silks flying everywhere, because of some lowlife's actions.  I assessed the situation and decided she most likely didn't have a gun.  And her mother was in a wheelie-cart.  What were the odds there'd be a problem?

You know, we always hear about these "If you see something, say something" campaigns - granted, they're usually talking about if you see a backpack left on a train or something - and I think it should apply to more situations. 

I think I should start the "If you see someone being an asshole, say something." campaign.

I've already started the ball rolling, so let's beta test it.  Go on, try it.  Should keep you busy for a while.

Report back with your results.

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Dale in Colorado said...

Good for you Salena! I also will say something when other peoples actions impact me.

Ms Hanson said...

Outstanding! No sarcasm, no justification, just out-loud kindergarten basics evidently long overdue.

I can hear my own mom even now doing something similar, followed instead with a saccharine "Here, you forgot to pick this up!"

The Daily Rant said...

DALE: I think it's going to be my new M.O.

MS HANSON: I know! I didn't even use any foul language. I was just very matter-of-fact. And I'm going to do it more often! :)

The Girl said...

Oh man, I love this. I wish more people called out others so I don't have to be the only "bitch". I have a special intolerance for inconsiderate people and "I don't want to cause a scene/avoid conflict at all cost people."


Anonymous said...

Love, love, love this. Count me in, next time I see some idiot leave there garbage on the ground at the truck stop I will make sure he/she get's it back.

M.T. in Missouri

Unknown said...

You make me laugh.

I've been known to hand cigarette butts back to people at red lights and in parking garages...