Friday, July 05, 2013

Pyrotechnic Parade Across The Midwest

NOTE TO SELF:  Never attend a fireworks viewing without a tri-pod.
We spent the Fourth of July in Altoona, Iowa.

Did you know there's a place there called AdventurelandAdventureland.  Isn't that  so quaint?  So Iowa-ish.  A good old-fashioned fun park in the Midwest.

But rather than actually going to the park - that would have been the
worst way for me to spend the holiday - we parked across the street in the Menards parking lot and watched the show from there. With everyone else in town, it seemed.

We were able to climb to the very top of our load - a load of aluminum catwalks of all things, which was perfect - and standing on the top piece, which was about ten feet off the ground, had a pretty great view of the sky in front of us.

In this picture, you can see a blue burst of fireworks color to the right center of the photo (the light rays coming from the sides are the parking lot lights) and that glowing little hump just above the top end of the freight on our trailer, is the rollercoaster at the park, which was all lit up.

Of course I missed every burst of the finale and what I did get was blurry, but here you go...the Altoona, Iowa Adventureland Finale.  Ta-da!
Don't you feel as if you were right there?

Next, we're hitting another Iowa show tomorrow night - not sure where yet - and then we'll do the big show in Chicago on Saturday night.

It's a fireworks extravaganza!!

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Gil said...

Beautiful pictures, despite no tripod!!! There is an Adventureland out on the Island around Farmingdale. I've never been there. There was an amusement park in the Bronx called Freedomland in the early 60s. I remember my bachelor uncles taking us there. It was along the Hutch on the right heading towards Queens. It was a great place but only was in business for about 4 or 5 years.iddingf 487

Belledog said...

Ms. Salena, you answered my inquiry without my having to ask. How perfect to view fireworks perched atop your load.

I didn't actually see any live fireworks this year, although some neighbors were exploding stuff from 3 p onward.

Happy weekend of the 4th.

Gil said...

I guess that I got parks mixed up. How could I forget that Co-Op City replaced Freedomland? Oh! How we hated Co-Op City when we found out... I was what the amusement park on the other side of the Hutch was called? They just had things like rides.