Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Calling It A Day

I can't even remember the last time we've had to shut down for the night due to weather - in this case, it happened in the middle of the afternoon, because of icy road conditions.  We did it once before, but since then I don't recall a similar situation.

Once night fell, Ed went to sleep and I stayed up in the cab watching movies on the computer - I wasn't tired and didn't want to disturb him.  The photo above is the view I had for most of the evening.

The roads were so bad - some of the worst weather the south has seen in years - that the only movement I saw was one or two cars who ventured in to the little convenience store/quasi-truck stop and twice a state trooper who drove through with his spotlight, checking out the area, then stopping for about thirty minutes to do some monitoring on his computer.

The convenience store was closed when we got there, I didn't see any headlights from the interstate, and once in a while in the distance I could see the sand trucks drive off one ramp, go over the bridge, and head down the other one in the opposite direction.

We wound up being there for more than twelve hours.  But at least we weren't in a ditch or stranded on the roads like so many of the people reported on the news were.

Tomorrow is going to be interesting.

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Mick said...

Yes, I saw a report in the Guardian a couple of days ago that there were a lot of states of emergency in the south for a storm that was about to come through. I thought "that far south?!" Wow. I hope you manage okay today.