Monday, January 20, 2014

The Only Thing I Haven't Done

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Today marks the 32nd day we've been home.  The holidays have come and gone and we've taken care of everything we needed to - from shopping to medical to truck repair.  We've eaten lots of food and watched countless movies.    Now it's time to get back on the road.  I'm getting a little more than antsy and I'm counting the days.

We were planning to meet Marlaina and MacGyver in Jacksonville, FL for our company appreciation days this week, but the load we had booked to get us closer, cancelled.  Two years ago we deadheaded there - which means driving with no load, about 1,975 miles, costing approximately $1,030.00 in fuel.  We were thisclose to doing it again this year, but thought a load might "pop up" and take us there.  Yeah, right.  What were we thinking?  We're in Arizona and the only thing they ship out of here is cheap-ass copper.

We have another load lined up, but until we actually put the freight on the trailer, it's not a definite.  M&M are
 already in Florida, and the events start on Thursday.  It looks like we're not going to make it.

At this point, I'm running out of things to occupy my time.  So my plans for tomorrow?

Do the one thing I haven't done since I've been home.

Bake cookies.

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Marlaina said...

For that price tag, you can fly us
out to Tucson. Or we can all fly to Hawaii or Vermont.

We will miss you.

We'll see you in Louisville.

The Daily Rant said...

MARLAINA: We'll miss you too! And I'm all for the Hawaii or Vermont trip. And yes, we'll see you in Louisville!

Belledog said...

This sounds like the longest 32 days off that you have not used a passport in some time.