Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Day The South Fell Apart...Again

We stopped yesterday about an hour south of Birmingham, Alabama because the roads were getting icier by the minute.  Just in the few miles we drove, we saw cars sliding around and the decision was made to pull off and find a place to park.  We sat all night and into the next afternoon before leaving.

Once we hit Birmingham, around the I-65 and I-459, the landscape changed completely.  There were cars in ditches:
And there were cars lining the interstate for miles.  Abandoned.  Most of them on the shoulders and in the median.
But some, like this garbage truck, were just sitting right in the lane of traffic.  With no one in the vehicle.
The only lane of traffic moving here is the one we're in and the one to the right.  Everything else you see are cars parked.  There's a Frito-Lay truck and a UPS delivery truck in this photo, parked on the shoulder to the left.
The cars parked all along the right shoulder, in front of the red one, are all empty.  Not a person to be seen.  It was like a sci-fi movie.  Something drastic happened, the world froze as it was, and the people were gone.

But where did they go??  We heard, on the news I think, that some people were shuttled to local businesses by bus.  And some people walked.  We even saw a guy on a bicycle.  
I don't know how long it's going to look like this, but apparently Atlanta was much worse.  Glad I wasn't there.
And this asshat (and many others) writing about his experience being stuck in his car, clearly has no idea who causes most of the accidents on the road.  Because I can tell you right now, it's highly unlikely that drivers of big rigs "slammed their accelerators to the floor, trying to get their loads moving across the snow and ice".   
Next stop is way out west, to the empty northern states.

They may have a lot of snow, but at least they don't have thousands of people driving entirely too fast for the conditions just to get three cars ahead of you.  Not to mention the fact that they should have stayed the hell home in the first place. 

And honestly, those are the people I'd like to see make a soft (but safe) landing into a ditch.

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