Saturday, March 01, 2014

Into The Mouth Of A Lion

You'd never know it from this picture of the rising sun somewhere in Texas - who ever really knows where they are in Texas, it all looks the same - but March is going to be coming in like a lion this year, with winter storms from west to east.

We are heading into an east coast snowstorm and I couldn't be happier.  Reports say anywhere from 3" to 12" are expected.  Woo hoo!!

I prefer a sunrise over a sunset, but as always, I'm happy to leave the west behind me.

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Dave Sanderson said...

You should have been in Billings,Mt. this last weekend minus 30 Saturday. Warmed up to minus 10 Sunday. With the interstates closed for a while in all directions and 3-4 inches of snow,50mph winds. Sounds like your kind of place:).
I hope you get into some more snow this year but like 30 degrees little breeze and the roads taken care of.

The Daily Rant said...

Hey Dave!! We're in CT now and it's COLD. No new snow here, and when we were up in Rhode Island, their snow was mostly melting, but it is cold.

I always want to get caught in a snowstorm where they close the highway. I think that only happened once - up in Wyoming, over there by the rest area with Lincoln's head.

The roads are good up here in the Northeast - big difference from down south. You be safe! Will we see you at MATS?