Friday, March 21, 2014

They're Not Just For Babies Anymore

I carry enough baby wipes in the truck to wipe the asses of the Octomom's kids.  We are never without them.  Frankly, I don't know how people ever did without them.  They're not only good for their intended purpose, but they can be used for other cleaning jobs also.

Huggies is the only brand I'll buy, and usually I get the box with the picture of the kid in the photo above.  He's super cute and I totally love his face!  If he's not working that day (there's no package with his face on it), I'll go with whoever is on the box of the next super-thick, super-strong Huggies wipe available.  When it comes to baby wipes, I'm not interested in cheap store brands.

I carry them everywhere.  I buy them in bulk and then split them up to have in places I need them - a stack in a thick ziploc bag does the trick.  You'll find them in my purse, the door pocket, my backpack, the pannier bags on the bikes.  Everywhere, I tell you.  Here are some of the ways I use them:

10 Uses For Baby Wipes

1.  The obvious.  A little personal cleanup after a little personal…..relief.  They’re awesome.

2.  Stain removal.  I don’t know what’s in these things – and I should probably be concerned since they’re made to wipe a baby’s ass (and my own ass) – but the stain removing properties in these baby wipes are magical.  They get out everything from ketchup to pen ink.  Gone!  Poof!  Like magic.

3.  General Cleaning.  I use them to clean everything from spills on the floor, to the leather on my purse, to the kitchen counter, to underarm deodorant on clothing (works great!), to a table in a restaurant when I sit down to eat.  They’re compact, not soapy, and wipe up everything easily.

4.  Makeup Removal.  I don't use these for eye makeup, as I only use Pond's Cold Cream on my eyes (well, I do have an alternate in a pinch), but I have used them to take off other makeup.  They're great to wipe off lipstick or too much blush, or just to refresh my face mid-day.

5.  Shoes.  This is the quickest shoe shine you'll ever get.  Granted, you're not getting your shoes actually shined with wax, but they will take every bit of grime off and leave them glistening.  

6.  Dusting.  This sort of goes along with the whole cleaning thing, but in the truck I use these to remove dust.  For some reason - maybe because it's a truck - we have a lot of dust that seems to creep in.  Also, the air conditioner is running constantly and that causes a little bit of fluff to move around in the air.  I use baby wipes to clean all the counters, cabinets, and other wood surfaces in addition to the fabric walls in the sleeper.  

7.  Mopping the floor.  I don't have a lot of floor space in the truck, so it doesn't take long to clean the whole thing.  I always sweep and vacuum, but since I don't have a mop in the truck, I need something to get a little moisture on the floor.  When I'm feeling inspired, I fill a bucket with hot soapy water and get down on my hands and knees with a rag and give the floor a serious cleaning, but in between I use baby wipes.  It's just as easy for me to start at one end using several wipes to get the floor done.  And it keeps it from getting any serious dirt buildup.

8.  Car Care.  Well, truck care in my case.  I use them to clean the dashboard, the gauges, the floor in the cab, the steering wheel.  Anywhere Ed's grubby little fingers go, a baby wipe follows.  

9.  Hair Dye Removal.  I like to spruce up my color now and again - something chocolately, maybe something with a hint of plum - and no matter how careful I am, I always get drips on my forehead or ear or neck.  Baby wipes are great for getting these spots off.

10.  To wipe a baby.  Not that I have a baby.  But if I did, I'd definitely use these things to wipe 'em down.

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Anonymous said...

We also use these wipes and love them. I also love the Dual Action Lysol wipes for cleaning.

M.T. in Missouri