Saturday, March 15, 2014

Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear

I went shopping today to spend the money I got from my HazMat re-certification class.  I was informed there was an outlet mall nearby with a Coach store.  I don't like shopping in general and I like outlet malls even less, but I can always use a new purse and we were only five miles from the outlets.  We had nothing else to do, so why not?

There were only three stores I was interested in and Ed patiently waited, people watching, while I shopped.  I didn't leave with a Coach bag - didn't see anything I absolutely had to have - but Ed did buy me a new pair of Skechers and two new bras.  Which means I still have $250 to use on the purse of my dreams. Woo hoo!

The photo shows us in a convex mirror coming around a blind corner behind the outlet mall.  I guess that's how the trucks pulling trailers get around the tight corners - this magically squashes them down.


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