Monday, March 24, 2014

Transylvania Has Better Internet

Most of my life anyway.

I am so behind on my blog because I've been in a black hole for the last week.  Every load we took, every town we were in, had abysmal internet.  I couldn't do a thing.  Couldn't even get the spinning hourglass on the computer screen to go away.

Forget about 3G or 4G - in Quincy, Illinois we had 1X!  One measly little X.  I haven't seen 1X displayed on my phone since....hell, I don't know when.

I was able to make a phone call, but forget about the internet.  NON-existent. But I guess you can't really blame Quincy, IL.  Because as usual, the United States lags behind - seriously behind - once again when it comes to certain things.  We didn't even make the top ten.  In the WORLD.  Latvia has better internet than us.  Who?  That's right.  Latvia.  I can probably count one hand how many people in America know where that is.

I seriously can't function without the internet.  I think we need to install a backup satellite dish on the roof of our truck.  Something so gigantic, and so powerful, that I could get a satellite signal from Mars if there was one.

Because life is bandwidth.

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Gil said...

Is getting that weak a signal happen very often? A satellite dish like you mentioned will: cut fuel mileage, make noise and cause extra vibrations! Good luck. We are now going to get rain.

The Daily Rant said...

GIL: It happens in some places - pockets of West Virginia, out in New Mexico, deep in the valleys of some mountains... We've never been to Quincy so we didn't know how bad it was there. Horrid. And the satellite dish is a joke (sort of) - we'd never be able to drive with something like that on the truck, but I do wish I could have screaming fast internet everywhere I went.

M Hanson said...

Seems like telegraph spread pretty fast and kept up better than some places do with Internet today. Why does anyplace think connectivity is a luxury? Lodging still has land line phones, so where's the High-Speed Wireless?

PI retired from a Comcast metropolis to a rural burg and got BETTER INTERNET! There, I said it.