Wednesday, March 19, 2014

While You Were Sleeping

I have been using this picture of the beautiful Zac Efron as the lock screen wallpaper on my iPad.  Ed's not thrilled that every time he signed on to the iPad, Zach was staring at him (and me) with those eyes.
So today while I was sleeping, Ed took his own picture recreating Zac's pose, and made it the wallpaper on my iPad.

This is what I saw the next time I turned it on.  
It was bound to happen...

My fake boyfriend and my real boyfriend have finally met.

Yes, apparently he does have some extra time on his hands.

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Belledog said...

Zac Efron does nothing for me.

Maybe he needs to mature, he's too pretty now, not in movies I want to see. Whatever.

He looks like a Disney TV teen star, maybe he was, and I find them repulsive. Fakeitude. They has it.

When has Zac done your laundry including folding?

Now I'm wondering which star I would use for my screen saver...

Belledog said...

RE this post: Circling back:

Door #2! I'll take Door #2, Alex.

Like Zac knows anything about air filters, pressure gauges, women, and dining well on canned tuna.


Anonymous said...

That is precious. Definitely a keeper...especially after reading the post the day after (laundry).

Men like that are hard to find. I have one. :)

Best wishes,
Your NA friend