Friday, December 05, 2014

Cascade Of Reading Material

We're usually away from home for weeks at a time, and during that time our mail is collected by my mother.  She scans anything important but just throws everything else in a bin and we go through it when we get back to town.

We got back home today.  And we had TONS of mail.

I actually love going through mail.  The first thing I do is throw away all the obvious junk mail, then I go through the credit card stuff and anything that has identifying information on it and put in in a pile that needs to be shredded.  Between Ed and I, we always have a huge shred pile.  

The last thing I do is separate catalogs and magazines.  My magazines are stacked in order of favorites and organized by month, of course.  And then I go through the catalogs - I love them and get a lot of them.

But I have to say the cruise companies are getting a little crazy.  In the eleven weeks we've been gone, I've received 24 catalogs - 11 from Viking River Cruises and 13 from Oceania Cruises.

Granted, I asked to receive literature.  We've been talking about river cruises for years and recently started planning one with our friends.  But I didn't know that meant I was going to receive a catalog a week.  And the thing is, they're all offering essentially the same thing.  Sure, there are "end of the year" cruise specials, but bombarding me with catalogs isn't going to help me make a decision in choosing a cruise.

By the time I'm done sorting through the catalogs, the special offers will be expired.

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Gil said...

I hope that she doesn't mark and save the daily newspapers for you like I do for Anne.