Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Collecting America

A Black Americana doll found at The Antique Man shop in Baltimore. 

This shop had a lot of what's called Black Americana or Black Memorabilia, both of which are collectible. They had several cases with many items grouped together, but I also found pieces hidden among other items.

I find many of these items and their history to be very interesting.  A quick Google search didn't turn up what I expected.  I found this article from 26 years ago, printed in the New York Times, but other than that, nothing really significant caught my eye.  And nothing really recent.

These type of antiques are very collectible, many of this genre being bought by celebrities from what I've read.  There are also a lot of fakes out there.  Here are some tips from the Antiques Roadshow page that might be helpful if you're interested in collecting.  


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