Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Searching For Après-Ski Attire

Four million, eight hundred and seventy thousand square feet - that's the area of the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota.  You can fit seven Yankee Stadiums inside of it.  It covers 96.4 acres and has over 530 stores.

This was our second visit to the mall.  Ed decided to make a quick stop on our way across the country since I needed to buy cold weather gear for our next vacation - because what better place to get cold weather gear than in Minnesota?  
We're undecided as to where we want to go but we're looking at Jackson Hole, Wyoming in the states, and Banff, Alberta or Whistler, British Columbia in Canada.  All big ski areas.  No, I don't ski but I like snow and if you want snow, you have to go where they have it, which as you'd imagine, are in the top ski locations.
I wound up buying a pair of those ugly Ugg-esque boots at Nordstrom Rack, which will be adequate for walking around in cold weather - you know, for when we go out to dinner or into the quaint little town for a cup of coffee - and good to have just in case I don't find anything less ugly before we go.  Now I just need a good jacket to go along with it, which I think I'll have to order online since I didn't find anything at the mall that I liked.

You would think a person who loved cold weather so much would be prepared, clearly I'm not.  And apparently all Après-Ski clothing is made for super models and stick women.

If I have to layer all the clothing I have that can pass for semi-wintery, I'll look like the Michelin Man.  That's not a good look on a big girl.  It's bad enough I'm checking out jackets with the word "puffer" in the description!

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Gil said...

Too bad you didn't head a bit further North when you were on the East Coast and check out Kittery Trading Post and/or LL Beans for winter gear. I remember reading that enclosed malls like Mall of America are becoming obsolete ass it costs too much to heat and air condition them. These kind of enclosed malls are supposedly not being built any more and some of the older ones are being converted to stand-a-lone stores.

Pleas post pictures in your Winter gear!!

MAE said...

I was shocked to learn about the size of this mall. Does anyone ever cover shopping at all the stores?