Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Place For Pajama Pants, Motor Oil, And Christmas Lights

After an evening of laundry, Ed and I visited Benny's, a local store that's been around in the Newport, Rhode Island area for over 92 years.

They've got a little bit of everything for home and auto, just like the sign says.  You can buy Christmas lights, toys, car mats, home cleaning supplies, concrete, pajama bottoms, Patriots gear, paint, and a whole lot more.

The even have commercials!

2010: The Frozen Tundra
2009: Your Tax Dollars Hard At Work
2008: What’s Next, Reporting Your Maid In The Middle Of Her Dusting The Living Room Tsochkes?
2007: Fashion Forwards
2006: Swimming Po
2005: Just Call Me Rosa

1 comment:

Gil said...

That is the place we used to go to for fishing tackle! Great store. It is amazing that it is still going strong.