Tuesday, December 02, 2014


We found a fun little shop in Baltimore called The Antique Man.  It was great, SO much to look at! Rooms filled with old hats and jewelry and furniture and dolls and glassware and gadgets and memorabilia.  

I really enjoyed weaving through the aisles touching furniture that looked like it came from my grandmother's house in the Bronx.  Peering into the glass cases that held hundreds of tiny vintage items.  The thing that impressed Ed and I the most?  The fact that the place was so clean.  No dust anywhere.  Which is an incredible accomplishment for a shop like this.  

This is definitely a place that needs to be visited more than once.  There's no way to see everything in one visit and they accept new items all the time, so their inventory changes.  
Next time maybe I'll even buy something!

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